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Our platform ‘Core’ provides you with an engaging new solution for taking events online under one virtual roof.


It’s an exciting, bespoke communications platform designed by marketing, event and broadcasting specialists who understand what you need for a successful online event.

It was created to be versatile, to meet our client’s objectives every time.

What can it do?

The possibilities are pretty much endless but here are a few we’ve tried and tested…

  • Conferences

  • Exhibitions

  • Product launches

  • Corporate broadcasts

  • Training & coaching

  • Internal communications

  • Celebrations


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How it works

Visual Project



Image by Greg Weaver




The functions

We built ‘Core’ to be changeable so that the platform can be altered and adapted to everyone’s needs. We’re the brains behind the face of it, so whatever you need, we’re likely to be able to incorporate it. Here are some of the most useful functions we’ve embedded so far;

  • Individual log ins

  • Main stage 

  • Breakout rooms

  • Live chat

  • Group chat

  • Voting polls

  • 1-2-1 meetings

  • Remote presentation

  • Round table discussion

  • Data dashboard

  • Speaker dashboard

  • Likes & dislike function

  • Online ordering