Top tips

The virtual world is new and intimidating for some businesses but rest assured, we know the secret to your event’s success. We’ll share a few top tips with you now…


1. A connection with the audience is vital

Building a connection with the audience and asking them what they want to get from the event means you’re more likely to keep them interested. You're giving them exactly what they want! It builds trust by showing that you value their opinion.

So we’d suggest, prior to the event, make sure to ask your audience for:

  • Input into the agenda

  • Any burning questions they have about the event topic

  • Their preferred event experience


2. Capture the audience early

Your event may be online now but that doesn’t mean you should treat pre-event engagement differently to any other.

Make sure to:

  • create a theme and programme that is relevant and resonates with the audience

  • send attendees any relevant event material in advance, encourage questions and further understandings

  • deliver relevant and thorough pre-event communications

3. Your content matters more

than ever

Getting your content right is even more important when you’re holding an online event.

You should always:

  • have a clear theme and objectives

  • make sure speakers are relevant to the theme

  • deliver compelling messages

  • keep your brand consistent

  • create content your audience wants

  • a mix of pre-recorded and live content

  • exciting, broadcast-quality production


4. Maintain engagement through the 'venue's floorplan'

We’ve mentioned how key your content is but it also comes down to your ‘virtual venue’s floorplan’.

A straight-forward, easy to use platform like Core, is the secret to success. The audience can interact and move through clear pathways and pages, ensuring they get the most from their participation. We'll help you build an event with;

  • clear and easy navigation

  • a concise pre-event campaign 

  • handy onboarding documentation and virtual demos

  • 'how to' video content

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